Sunday, March 7, 2010

Travels with George

Long distance driving used to be a part of my life. My mind was free to wander as I drove all across the country. So I picked up George Washington. Although we logged many miles together, it was, unfortunately, a one sided relationship. Perhaps it was his teeth that prevented him from participating fully in the conversation. But I was quite willing to do all the talking. He was so impressed with my driving. Asked me repeatedly how I knew where I was going. As the miles rolled by I explained the interstate system to him. He remarked frequently about the quantity of pavement we drove on. I showed him how I could pump diesel and we often dined at truck stops. I could tell he marveled at my abilities. But what about you George? Again he was hesitant to speak so I kept both sides going.
This relationship lasted for years. The odd part was that he never arrived. As I pulled into my destination, he faded away. Waiting, I guess to be resurrected on another trip.

As many long distance relationships will, the thrill was fading. Why wasn't he more forthcoming? More conversational? Well, what did he think? So I bought a paperback history book about the life and times of George. He rode horseback. Well that was cool but it must have taken him a long time to get anywhere. Didn't he think my way was better? Sailing down the highway at high speed surely beat having your horse go lame half way there. But I noticed he was looking at the farm land because he was, after all, a farmer. Maybe he wasn't so impressed after all. I took a good look at George's face. He was actually said. He didn't like moving so fast. On our last trip together he finally told me he was leaving and would be joining the Amish. They traveled at a pace more to his liking. And he admitted he had always been embarrassed at my clothing. It was a bitter pill.
Years have gone by and I see our relationship with different eyes. George was patiently waiting for me to grow up and see him for who he really was.

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