Thursday, June 21, 2018


It wasn't just swimming - there were many other ways to enjoy Bow Lake.

I was an ardent reader.  From the time my Mother would read aloud to me by flashlight in the darkened cottage to discovering the library, I always had a book or two going.  My preferences were wildly scattered - from existentialism to life on a farm.  So where does the lake come in?

I usually chose a windy day so the boat would roll with the waves.  Book in hand, I would start up my 15 hp Johnson engine and drive to the head of the lake.  It was rough going into the waves.  Having reached the head of the lake I shut off the engine and came to a stop.  Then I unfolded my lawn chair.  Opening up my current book I enjoyed the waves propelling my boat back towards my Water Street mooring.  It was quiet except for the whooshing of the waves.

This was so refreshing and relaxing, drifting along reading my book.  But wait, someone is yelling at me.  "Was I in trouble" they shouted.  "Do you need a tow?"  I waived my book in the air and thanked them for their concern.  An interruption, sure, but better yet, it was the kindness of strangers making sure I was okay.  Floating down the lake while reading was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Long time, no see...

This is a test. Is it possible to reacquaint myself with my very own blog? Yes, the print is too small. I probably have lost all my viewers. And I'm not sure this will even attach itself to the rest of my work. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have lots of paintings to show and experiences to talk about. So let's try to reenstate this effort. Should their be any viewers left - Wait, wait, I'm not finished yet.