Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Old Lady in a Little Kid Suit

So how do we dress these days - those of us who are over 65? There used to be rules for this stuff. You know, no white shoes after Labor Day, etc. Clothing for those of us at this age used to be dowdy or dignified, maybe even stately. But today a Mickey Mouse tee shirt is not uncommon and then again there is even wrinkled cleavage. Years ago a friend of mine commented that her daughter came home shocked that she had seen a lady's "Cleveland". I assert that such exposure should be confined to Cleveland! At any rate, what do we wear?

There are those who dazzle in artistic finery. But if I showed up in a short leather skirt, everyone would laugh. Then again laughter is a good thing. So maybe it's the inside that is affecting the outside.

I really don't feel old. My 80 year old mother used to say that she thought she could still become a ballet dancer. So it's really not a body image, rather how we think. I do chose color for effect. Pink if I hope people will be kind to me, yellow if I am missing the sun and red to be assertive.

I am enjoying this age. I can flirt without censure; express opinions regardless of how goofy, yet still shovel snow and haul wood. It's a pleasure to surprise someone with odd ball knowledge they never suspected I had.

So perhaps we are getting the clothes we actually need. Like jeans, undershirts and fluffy socks. Now that I'm thinking of it, my mother was always chilly in her beautiful polyester blouses.

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