Friday, December 19, 2008

Mission Statement

Welcome to Wait, wait I'm not finished....

THE blog for all who start with with a flourish yet struggle with road blocks along the way. This site is looking for enthusiastic encouragement of oneself and others.

Maintaining an artistic vision can be heavy lifting. Case in point: I was painting my dining room with a luscious shade of "fresh raspberry" paint. Granted it was originally bottle green with a white ceiling and gold drapes. Those first few strokes of fresh raspberry on a white ceiling were breath taking! The former owner stepped in just in time to gasp, "What are you doing?" I replied that "No comments were acceptable until I was finished". But was I scared! So okay, it was the crazy 1970's, but it turned out beautifully. At the time I threatened to get a tee shirt printed with "no comments until I'm done". It's taken me all these years to find a platform for this thought.

We need to give each other room to succeed or fail. Some of my best efforts have originally been failures. Everything doesn't have to be results oriented.

So let's encourage each other. What are you currently working on that only have the vision for?

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P.D.Wulfson said...

I just found your Mission Statement-it seems to be an addendum at the very bottom of things. That is a sound position, in some ways, but it would also be nice to have that excellent intro greet the reader. Might you find a format that could do that? Perhaps you could distill it, it's got a certain theme, besides the enjoyable story sections. Possibly that could go up with the header of the blog?
At any rate, worth the search! Marilyn, Mi enthusiasm, es su enthusiasm, Cheers, Pat Wulfson