Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ties That Bind

We have been experiencing some roadblocks lately. An ice storm has disconnected most everyone in the state. Who knew what life would be like without electricity or water for a week? Not to mention the darkness starting at 4pm. Life revolved around the wood stove, flash lights and flickering candles. Don't let anyone tell you that candle light is flattering - at least not when you've been "showerless" for several days!
My mother used to say it was important "to improve the shining hours". So I used every minute of daylight, not devoted to lugging wood, to read a 723 page book. I could have been painting.
The lack of electricity has given me a new appreciation for those early artists. They accomplished so much with very little. Suddenly I wasn't running a wash, cooking or vacuuming, so why didn't I paint? Because I couldn't charge up my Ipod? It was a challenge to understand how to use the time. I could have used the natural light to paint.
We are currently in the midst of another storm - lots of snow this time. The electricity is still on but we are better prepared if we lose it this time. Tomorrow I WILL paint.

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